For those families affected by the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP), who will receive fewer TCRC funded respite hours, Respite, Inc. will not offer services beyond the level of the revised authorization. Workers will be paid for hours worked that do not exceed the new total. Once those hours have been used, it will be up to the families to determine how they will pay the person who provides in-home child care/supervision, as this would not be deemed respite if it continues after the monthly hour allotment set by TCRC has been used. Respite, Inc. will not participate in parental reimbursement for services.

Example: Your child had 20 hours/month of TCRC funded respite starting July 1st. Under FCPP your child’s respite is reduced to 10 hours/month, starting December 1st. The allowed hour usage between July and November would total 100 and there would be 70 hours from December through June. Respite, Inc. can pay the worker at 20 hours a month July – November and 10 hours a month December – June. You/Parents would be responsible for paying the person contracted for any time in excess of the revised monthly amount. You can not pay Respite, Inc. to in turn pay a service provider.




 Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4783 implemented the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP) on January 1, 2005. This law requires some families to share in the cost of Respite, Day Care, and Camping services. No other services are affected.

Only families that meet the following conditions are identified for FCPP participation:

  • Children are ages 0 through 17 years old;
  • Children live at home;
  • Children are not Medi-Cal eligible; and
  • Family income is at or above 400% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines based upon family

The share of cost for these services is called “family cost participation” (FCP). The Regional Center will pay a portion of the total cost for the service to the service provider and the family will pay the FCP amount directly to the service provider. The Respite, Day Care, or Camping service providers cannot charge the family a higher rate for the service than the rate paid by the Regional Center.

The Regional Center in your area will provide answers to questions about how the law impacts you specifically and help you to determine your family’s cost participation amount.

If there is more than one minor child living in the parents’ home, or in a 24-hour out-of-home placement, who are not Medi-Cal eligible, and receiving services and supports paid for by the Regional Center, the family’s cost participation amount is adjusted as follows:

  • For two children, ages 0 through 17, the rate will be reduced by 25 percent for each child living at home for Respite, Day Care, and Camping services.
  • For three children, ages 0 through 17, the rate will be reduced by 50 percent for each child living at home for Respite, Day Care, and Camping
  • For four children, ages 0 through 17, the rate will be reduced by 75 percent for each child living at home for Respite, Day Care, and Camping services.

 For More than four children, ages 0 through 17, the family will not be required to participate in the program for Respite, Day Care, and Camping services.

What To Expect From Your Regional Center

 Your Regional Center will:

    • notify you if you qualify under the FCPP
    • notify you of the amounts you must pay based on the attached
    • ask you to provide proof of your gross annual income within ten (10) working days from the date you sign your child up to receive the service.
    • advise you of your family cost participation amount within ten (10) working days of the receipt of your completed paperwork.

Things Parents Must Do:

 You will need to verify your gross annual income for the Regional Center. This proof of income can include:

    • Copies of your W-2 Wage Earners Statement, or
    • Your payroll stubs, or
    • A copy of last year’s State income tax return, or other records, and
    • Proof of all your other income

You must give this information to the Regional Center within ten (10) working days from the date that you sign the completed IPP or IFSP. If you do not provide this income information to the Regional Center, you may have to pay the maximum share of cost amount (100%) for the cost of the service(s).

 You must also:

    • Notify the Regional Center when your family income changes so your cost participation amount may be
    • Notify the Regional Center when the size of your family changes as this may affect the amount of your cost
    • Pay your cost participation amount directly to the Respite, Day Care, and/or Camping service

Family Cost Participation Assessment:

Your family cost participation is the amount you must pay for services. The family cost participation is figured on a sliding scale from ten (10) percent to 100 percent, based on the number of persons living in the family home and your family’s income. Your family’s income must be at 400 percent or more of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines. Please see the attached Family Cost Participation Assessment Schedule for more information.

You have 30 days from the date you are notified of your cost participation amount to ask for a review of the rate. As allowed by California Code of Regulations Section 50265, the Regional Center’s Executive Director may adjust the level of cost participation.

Calculating the FCP Amount:

 To calculate your family’s rate of participation you will need to know the number of persons living in the family home and your gross annual income. You can get your income amounts from your most recent Federal or State income tax return, W-2 form, payroll stub, or other records. Use the Family Cost Participation Assessment Schedule and do the following:

Find the column for the number of persons living in the family

Find the income amount closest to, but not more than, your total annual

Read the line titled, “% FCP”, sideways to the left. The number in the “% FCP” column is the percentage share of cost (FCP) that you must pay.

Multiply the number of units/hours for Respite, Day Care, and Camping Services, as shown in the Regional Center IPP or IFSP, by the number in the “% FCP” column. This will give you the number of units/hours of service that you must pay (Each unit of service has a dollar cost. The unit of service that you pay for is your cost participation  [FCP]. The Regional Center will pay the service provider the remainder of the cost )

Your total annual FCP amount cannot exceed:

$22,940 annually, if the child is age 0 through 2;

$22,870 annually, if the child is age 3 through 5;

$22,790 annually, if the child is age 6 through 8

$23,730 annually, if the child is age 9 through 11

$25,170 annually, if the child is age 12 through 14; and,

$27,090 annually, if the child is age 15 through


Effective April 1, 2016

Number of Persons Living In The Family Home