2017 Payday Schedule

Paydays are every other Thursday in 2017. Timesheets are due no later than 5:00pm on the Monday before a payday, even on a holiday. They can be turned in anytime before the deadline.

Timesheets received after deadline cannot be processed for payment until the next payday. We have no control over the handling or delivery of mail by the Post Office.

Timesheets can be mailed, faxed, scanned or hand-delivered. Please call to verify receipt. To submit as an email attachment it must be scanned (no pictures) in black and white in .pdf format and sent to: fax@respiteinc.com

Incomplete time sheets may not be processed for payment in time for the next payday. Make sure that all lines are filled (per instructions) to ensure payment as expected.

Dates of service on a timesheet that are beyond the end of the current pay period will not be paid. Pay periods start and end at the Saturday/Sunday midnight before a payday.