The following are reminders and clarifications regarding policies and the program.

Timesheet Information

All fill-in portions of a timesheet must be completed legibly. Signatures, the worker’s payroll number and client’s UCI number are all required to verify service and ensure the correct worker is paid. If incomplete, it may not be processed for the intended payday and payment would be delayed. Also, old timesheets, with the worker’s name on the top left and copies of timesheets with date changes, will not be accepted or processed.

Emailed Timesheets

For those who use email to submit timesheets, they must be scanned in black and white, then saved and sent as a .pdf, (not a picture) with the client’s first name, last name initial and UCI number in the Subject line.
Please use: when emailing timesheets.

Pay Periods

Pay periods always end at midnight every other Saturday/Sunday (see pay schedule). Although the deadline is 5:00pm the Monday before a payday, timesheets should be sent as soon as possible after services are complete for that pay period.

Signing Up a New Worker

When signing up a new worker, the original (not faxed or emailed) Waiver, W-4 and CA DE4 must be received by Respite, Inc. before that person can be entered in the payroll system. It is best to include the worker’s first timesheet with the original forms. The completed, original forms can be mailed, or hand delivered.

Rate of Pay and Overtime

The current pay rate for Designated Respite Workers is $16.50 an hour. This includes money that would have to be set aside for other unfunded mandates. There is no funding for overtime, so one worker cannot provide more than 40 hours of respite in a workweek (Sat/Sun midnight to Sat/Sun midnight). Arrangements would have to be made for two or more workers over extended time periods.


Respite, Inc. has no control over authorizations. We understand the frustration when hours thought to be available can’t be paid. When this occurs only your TCRC Service Coordinator can resolve the issue. We will also contact your SC on your behalf. Anytime all authorized hours have been used the services stop being respite and that time becomes private party care of an individual.

If there are hours leftover from a previous fiscal year (July-June) service dates must be within the annual timeframe to be paid. They cannot be moved forward into another fiscal year. (ie: You have 26 hours that weren’t used in fiscal year 19/20. Those hours can’t be used for July service dates.) If services were provided between July and June, but not previously submitted, they still can be. However, payment is delayed, at least one pay period, as older months take longer for TCRC to process. Hours are limited to those authorized per month and overages cannot be taken from future months.

General Information

If you’re still reading, there are a few things I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention

  • Most respite workers paid through Respite, Inc. are designated by the family, who are technically the employer, while Respite, Inc. becomes the Employer of Record. We ensure that consistent payroll procedures are followed, and the program is administered properly.

  • Between clients (individuals served), parents, guardians and workers we have several people with the same names. This is why timesheet information has to be complete, correct and legible.

  • We process close to 1,000 timesheets for every payday. Each one must be printed to be processed. It may not be possible to locate a specific timesheet before payroll is completed.

  • Paystubs and new timesheets are mailed whenever a worker is paid. It is the worker’s responsibility to retain their payment information for their records.

  • Mandates, laws, and regulations keep changing, making it more difficult for respite programs to remain viable. The next major event is Electronic Visitation Verification which becomes mandatory in 2021.

Now in our 17th year, Respite, Inc. still makes using respite as simple and stress-free as possible. We understand the need for respite and appreciate everyone involved.

Diane Toevs
Program Coordinator