Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is respite?
Respite is defined as an interval of rest or relief. Respite, Inc.’s program is designed to provide parent(s)/guardian(s) of eligible family members the opportunity to take a break from their caregiver responsibilities.

Who is eligible for services?
Authorizations for respite must be approved by Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) on an individual (client/family need) basis. Contact your TCRC service coordinator to confirm eligibility and program preferences.

How do I use respite?
Upon receiving authorization from TCRC for respite, you can:
– Designate your own respite worker.
– Call Respite, Inc. and request an on-call respite worker contact you. *
*Please note, on-call workers will not be referred to new clients until ALL COVID restrictions have been lifted, including the CDPH order and the California Emergency Temporary Standards.

How do I designate a respite worker?
If there is someone you prefer (sibling, friend, relative or neighbor) to provide respite for your child contact Respite, Inc. to obtain the necessary sign-up forms or click on the Forms link and print the forms as needed. Designated respite workers must be at least 16 years old and meet the 56792(e) requirements.

Who are respite workers?
Our on-call staff is comprised of dedicated, caring individuals who understand each family’s needs are unique. On-Call respite workers are at least 18 years old, CPR/First Aid certified, have special needs related experience/training and have passed a background (fingerprint) check. All respite workers must meet the requirements of the Responsibilities/Duty Statement in the Job Description. Several members of the staff have been providing respite services for years. Some may have a sibling or other relative with a disability. Others may be seeking a career in a related field or simply understand what a difference respite can make to a family.

Can potential on-call respite workers be interviewed?
Yes. We insist on an orientation meeting between the family and any on-call respite worker being considered. This allows everyone the opportunity to get acquainted and feel comfortable together, before actually scheduling respite services.

Do I have to call Respite, Inc. to schedule a respite worker?
Not necessarily. You can contact a respite worker directly to request respite, for a specific date and time. Contact Respite, Inc. if you need further assistance.

How much notice is needed for on-call respite workers?
As much as possible, but not less than three days, as new on-call workers must have an orientation meeting before providing services. The sooner a respite request is made, the higher the probability of finding an available respite worker for the date and time needed.

Who tracks hour usage?
Respite, Inc. maintains usage records based on timesheets, as they are received from respite workers. You should also keep track of the dates and number of hours used each month.

How can I check in my hours?
You can call Respite, Inc. to find out how many hours have been used and/or a current balance. Remember, Respite, Inc. cannot pay for time exceeding the hours authorized.

How and when does a respite worker get paid?
Each respite worker maintains a timesheet to log all dates and times of service for a family. Times are verified by the parent/guardian (signature). Timesheets can be hand-delivered, mailed in, faxed or emailed. Timesheets are due no later than 5:00pm on the Monday (even on holidays) before paydays (see Pay Schedule). Submitting timesheets within 30 days of service is important to efficiently process and pay in a timely manner. A blank timesheet is mailed with each worker payment and can be printed from the Forms page as needed.

Who do I contact if have other questions?
For other questions about respite please call or email Respite, Inc.
Phone messages can be left 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are usually returned within one business day.