NEW Pay Schedule 2024

Paydays are every other Friday, with timesheets due no later than 5:00pm on Monday of that week – even if it’s a holiday – but can be submitted any time before the deadline. A seven day work week is from midnight Saturday/Sunday to midnight Saturday/Sunday. A pay period is two work weeks.

Worker payroll and Client UCI numbers are required on each timesheet or they will be deemed incomplete and payment could be delayed. With so many similar names, legibility and correct information is essential. Incomplete time sheets may not be processed for payment in time for the next payday.

Timesheets received after the deadline cannot be processed for payment until the next payday. We have no control over the handling or delivery of mail by the Post Office.

Timesheets can be mailed, faxed, scanned or hand-delivered. Please call to verify receipt. To submit as an email attachment it must be scanned (no pictures) in black and white, then saved and sent as a .pdf format to:

Dates of service on a timesheet that are beyond the end of the current pay period will not be paid. These dates must be resubmitted in the following pay period. A current TCRC authorization must be in place for the service dates listed on a timesheet in order to be paid.